Selected Press for my Debut LP, I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same (out October 30th, 2012 on Afternoon Records)

The New York Times article about my career as a touring musician from the perspective of my concerned yet proud father. 

Paste Magazine gives it a 7.8 stating, “Sollisch is a remarkably strong songwriter. He continues to play with our notions of what folk songs could and should be. With such an inimitable voice—literally and figuratively—it’s worth following his yelp down whatever future path he explores.”

American Songwriter says, “23 year-old Max Sollisch, a.k.a. Dolfish, has a unique voice and lo-fi mindset. You’ll hear traces of Daniel Johnston, The Mountain Goats and Neil Young in the Cleveland-based singer-songwriter’s music”

Magnet Magazine says “Dolfish has the lo-fi kind of sound that gives folky tunes their country twang and substance.”

My Old Kentucky Blog writes, ” Even if Dolfish — a/k/a Max Sollisch–  is only 23, getting stuck in a rut is an issue that can plague any honest person, at any age. Still, I don’t feel that Sollisch has anything to worry about. His unusual blend of inside-the-microphone, confessional vocals, engaging textures, and blistering beats isn’t in danger of becoming anyone else’s flavor-of-the-day, let alone of the month. It doesn’t feel like he could get stuck, even if he wanted to. Which can be kind of an exhausting way to live. But it is, in my opinion, endemic of being fully alive.”

Timeout London says “Cleveland, Ohio based singer-songwriter Max Sollisch ventures to the UK with his guitar for the first time to play a trio of free London gigs in a cake shop, a pub and Brixton’s Windmill. He describes his music as ‘oddball folk’, which isn’t far off the mark, but there’s a lot more depth to it than Sollisch gives himself credit for. His lyrics are witty observations of life sung in a delicate, Neil Young-styled refrain. Don’t miss Dolfish while he’s over.”

Beats Per Minute says “His use of the carefully executed lo-fi introduction, the fiercely strummed acoustic guitar, and his high-pitched nasal twang, which sounds so similar to The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle that the two may as well be brothers, all seem to point to the fact that Sollisch is well aware of his own place in this musical lineage. It also helps that he has the same kind of literate playfulness in his lyrics that Darnielle has all but perfected with The Mountain Goats.”

The 405 writes, “Recorded in five days, frontman Max Sollisch continually throws you off guard - whether it’s his Neil Young-esque voice or sudden change in tempo and melody - to keep the acoustic-lead tracks fresh.”

Surviving the Golden Age gives it an 8.0 stating, “I had no idea what to expect from this new record from Dolfish, but what I found turned out to be one of the most complete and arresting albums I’ve heard in a while…The album is a complete package that flows smoothly and yearns to envelope you. If you’re looking to experience some truly unique and compelling songwriting, give it a listen.”

Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich calls the record the “best album of 2012” on              Matador Records’ Blog.

Paste Magazine mp3 premiere 

Paste Magazine Album Stream

Ghettoblaster Magazine “From the Horse’s Mouth” Interview

SPIN gives it a nod.

As does KEXP.

AOL Spinner listening party album stream

AOL Spinner makes “Grown Ups” their song of the day

The Quietus says, “ragged-edged, literate lo-fi”

Daytrotter Session #2 out March 27, 2013


Press for my debut, Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out EP:

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